Q: What is DailyStraightLine?

A: DailyStraightLine.com  is an advertising platform that rewards our members in 2x1 company forced matrix.

Q: What  do I get for my purchase?

A: You will receive 50 text ads, 50 468x60 banner ads and 50 125 x125 credited to your account.every day for 20 days.

Q: Can I earn without referrals?

A: Yes and no. Each of our levels is company forced which means it moves from left to right with no holes, but you must meet the sponsor requirement to enter each level.
Your first position will earn from level 1, but in order to advance to level 2, you must mee the requirement. Please see the requirements below:
Referral Requirements

Positions in each Level

Q: What payment processors do you accept?

A: We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin via Coinpayments.

Q: Is there a PIF plan?

A: Yes, you can pif anyone in your direct referrals link for just  $2.00 per PIF.
This will give upgrade your referral member immediately. and they will receive 1 new position each day for 20  days.

Q: What is a Global PIF pool?

A: The Global PIF Pool is for members who need to PIF other members that they did not refer. If a member joins DSL and stays free more than 3 days,
they will move to the pool and be able to be PIFed from another sponsor.

Q: What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

A: Minumum deposit is $2.00 USD
Withdrawal minimum is $10.00 USD with a 0.0004 btc withdrawal fee.
This is subject to change depending on processor fees

Q: Is there a Refund Policy?
A: There are NO Refunds.

Q: Can we stack accounts?

Yes, if you wish to purchase multiple subscriptions within your acount you can.
You may signup under your own account if you wish. You may use the same email address if needed.

Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: To ensure enough crypto is sent, we have a 2% deposit fee. There is a withrawal fee of 0.0004 btc that will be applied to all withdrawals after they have been submitted.

Q: What is the withdrawal minimum?

A: Minimum withdrawal is $10. All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Q: How does the Free Matrix Position Work for the first 1000 members?

A: When you signup and you are one of the first 1000 members, you will receive your first matrix position free after you join.
You will earn in the matrix just as you would if you deposited. You will need to upgrade to advance past the 1st level.

Q: What matrix system do you offer?

A: We have 20 levels of 2x1 company forced matrix.

Q: How many Subscriptions can I purchase?

A:You can purchase up to 100 subcriptions with our program. However, you may only purchase 1 subscription per hour.

Q: what wallets can we use to deposit?

A: You can use any wallet to deposit into our coin payments. You don't have to use coin payments to deposit.

Q: What if my question isn't answered on the FAQ page?

A:Please click on the Contact Page to submit a support ticket. We will try and anwer it asap, within 12 - 36 hours.